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What’s good about change? At first sight - nothing. The fear of anything new prevails, the renewal is perceived as a crisis. Migration, merger and restructuring bring companies into a state of emergency. Many processes take place at the same time. Time is short and the emotional level high: it is a tour de force for executives and teams.


But “crises” can be managed, planned in a forward looking manner, structured and effectively carried out with a healthy dose of empathy. Change management is very special and is, in fact, my specialty. With PERSPECTO I help companies to navigate through the shallow water in the renewal process. Upon request, I support and escort  through the whole process.


Occasions: restructuring processes such as organizational changes, consolidation, outsourcing, repositioning, cross-cultural leadership in mergers & acquisitions, new distribution channels & digitization, value change, leadership development


Methods: individual coaching • strategic workshops / group sessions • organizational constellation  work • systematic project support • change management support





Why do multicultural mixes fail? The ideal of boundless cooperation often meets its limits through cultural boundaries as different cultural backgrounds, company cultures or age groups that meet and sometimes collide. The inability to understand each other quickly morphs into an unwillingness to understand, leading to clogged-up workflows, rising error rates, increased demotivation. Intercultural communication is a specialized field and calls for a high degree of sensitivity. PERSPECTO works closely with clients. Acting as coaches and consultants, we build up strong intercultural skills of teams and leadership:

  • getting to know, understand and accept individual cultures

  • acquiring intercultural management skills in the contexts of communication, values, rules, collaboration, conflicts, and leadership

  • as always, tailored to the individual client and their intercultural issues


Occasions: collaboration of people coming from different cultures, within the company or across borders, interconnection in international corporations and large organisations, culture clash during takeovers, mergers, relocations, generational conflicts and diversity within teams.


Methods: intercultural insight programmes • team coachings and training • leadership coaching for intercultural teams • intercultural skills workshops for staff and management

Are you ready for the next conflict? Conflicts are the turbojet in businesses. Backfiring in the worst case, propelling them forward in the best case. In any case, conflicts require professional moderation.

Whether the disagreement is about the time schedule of a new project, the sense and purpose of an innovation or it is a purely personal conflict between individuals, conflicts can fester for a long time or suddenly flare up. Managers should be well prepared. Left unresolved, conflicts can be a massive drain on morale, productivity, and work satisfaction.


How do you lead important conversations, how do you steer effective confrontations, how do you give and receive feedback. PERSPECTO provides managers with essential techniques and tools. These are developed and tried situationally together with the coachee in targeted coaching sessions, leading to stronger resilience and problem-solving expertise.


Some conflicts have progressed so far, they seem unresolvable. A dead end. Here a neutral conflict moderation is indispensable. Conflict coachings are extremely delicate and need a lot of experience and expertise. The aim: to resolve a gridlocked situation, restore the agency of all parties involved, reach agreement on the approach to further collaboration.


Occasions: redeployments, promotions, restaffing, changes in the organization structure, conflicts between departments and teams, generational conflicts, factual and emotional conflicts between leadership personalities, persisting or hidden personal or inner conflicts.


Methods: training in conflict techniques and tools • moderated conflict coachings • team





To good to get any better? Sometimes we suspect it, sometimes we are sure. There’s still room for improvement. For leadership personalities, for team leaders, for workflows, for power sources that propel a business forward.


With PERSPECTO, I offer a wide range of training and professionalisation packages, all highly tailored, situational, and adapted to meet the needs and particularities of each business:

  • innovative leadership and team development

  • development and assessment center

  • coaching tools for situational leadership/management

  • values and company culture

  • intercultural competence

  • effective organisational development


Occasions: Wherever there is a wish for further development and professionalisation of teams and leadership. In other words: always.


Methods: courses, seminars, workshops, individually tailored.

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