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What is the use of accumulated knowledge and experience, if it does not get passed on? That’s not a question, it’s a fact. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. They will gain their own experience. My personal insight: While knowledge is good to have, but it can be so much more – to know is to have a choice between options.


With the programme “Systemic Business Coach” @by Kickoff Consulting, I offer the following training for anyone interested in coaching:




Coaching is the gentle steering of the other to their self and their own strengths. The art of coaching consists of showing options and finding alternatives. The focus is not on a choice between options, but on finding a way to combine them. On realisation rather than explanation. On inspiration rather than instruction. Coaching is always centered around the person, limited in time and a process of guidance rather than intervention. It aims to provide targeted assistance and support to staff.

After kick-off, the training consists of an in-depth dive into a wealth of coaching methods and techniques, teaching hypothesis formation to select the optimum methods for each situation and is highly focused on practical life situations. Coachees participate in intensive peer group training, one-on-one coaching and regular supervision. The Coach training course is ISO certified (ISO 17024) and held in a blended learning format.


Profound coaching know-how is essential for anyone working in…

  • social services, education, psychology

  • commerce and healthcare

  • management and leadership

  • consulting and training

  • human resource development

  • adult education



systemic approach for integration • coaching principles • the attitude of the coach • the coaching process • coaching models and methods • group and team coaching • conflict coaching • online coaching • crisis intervention and resilience


Course Leader: Christina Hackl (instructor Kickoff Consulting) und Mag. Dagmar Grafeneder (instructor Kickoff Consulting)


Duration: 1 year, 10 modules in blended learning format, 1 final exam


Qualification: Certified Systemic Business Coach, additional certification acc. to ISO 17024 is subject to a separate exam

Dates: Autumn 2024 (TBA)


Place: Seminarhotel Schloss Gumpoldskirchen, Kirchenplatz 3, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen


Interested? Drop me a line.

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