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What leads leaders to the next step? At some point, you’re on the top rung. The ladder doesn’t go any further, there’s no direction, no security, no companions.  A vacuum.  Everything is possible.  And now? 

I am a counterpart for executives. At the same level. I listen, raise questions, am a sparring partner, give feedback and reflection. I guide them to find new solutions, explore different opportunities, establish new perspectives. I give them support to rely on the only source for decision making that they can trust from now on. Themselves. 


Occasions: loneliness at the top, too little room for reflection and emotion, no honest feedback, constant performance pressure, important decision phases, upcoming challenges, crisis situation in business or private life, decline in performance, professional reorientation, stress management.


Methods: systemic sparring and coaching in personal sessions • confidential reflection, testing and preparation for special occasions • systemic reframing of board and organizational constellations • systemic change of perspective through use of tools such as reflecting teams and systemic constellation work





Why are women stronger?

Because they need to work harder for their success. Their performance is more under observation and put in the spotlight. They can be isolated and left alone in their positions. And above all: They apply tougher standards to their work and even themselves. 

Women in leadership positions find it more difficult to open up. I am not a friend to women, but an intimate.  I encourage them in their unique abilities, promote their resilience, select and sharpen the toolbox with them, and accompany their next steps. On paths that I know very well myself. 


Occasion: positioning in top management, tensions and conflicts, crisis situations, performance pressure, career reorientation, work-life balance

Methods: systemic coaching in personal sessions • systemic tools such as the drama triangle, reflecting board and organizational constellations, resilience training, reframing, coaching by walking, mentoring and sparring

What turns a good manager into a brilliant manager? They are the uncut diamonds in every company. It is important to raise their potential, to develop their abilities, to prepare them for future challenges.


With mentoring, I support and escort your leaders. Unlike coaching, I pass on knowledge, practical advice and systemic tools to broaden abilities, to develop social skills, to explore their individual resources. I enable them to adapt new perceptions and develop an optimal individual leadership. In the context of mentoring, executives can do what they could not do otherwise: try out constellations and behaviors and train different skills and methods in a protected environment.


Occasions: the step into a top management position, leading leaders training, change management projects, organizational changes, areas of tension such as conflicts, crises, group dynamics in the company


Methods: individual coaching and mentoring • organizational constellation work • personality and potential analysis • professional sparring • project management support






What is the secret about walking? You could also run. Right. But walking enables you to give your thoughts time to develop at the right pace. The change of location brings a change of perspective. Walking together in the same direction inspires your thoughts, broadens your perspective, allows you to explore new paths.

When you walk next to each other, a unison, a resonance, a good correlation a so called „rapport“ arises - the ideal prerequisite for an intensive, effective interaction.

It sounds like an unspectacular coaching method, but truly it is one of my favorites. Let's take a walk and talk about it.


Method: individual sessions as coaching walks “out of the box”

I believe it was one of the toughest moments of my career. Organizationally, the merger of two major airlines was a monster project, in human terms it was a tragedy. For hundreds of employees it meant losing their jobs just before Christmas. Christina Hackl was a pillar of strength, solid as a rock. Determined, goal-oriented, good nerves, well organized and endowed with incredible empathy, she was present at every stage. A woman like “velvet and steel” - that probably sums it up best. I wouldn’t wish such a situation on anyone, but if it unavoidably comes, then Christina Hackl should be at his or her side.

CEO of an Austrian telecom company

The project: Change management as part of a strategic IT migration. The task: Despite implementation of a completely new work process, the existing employees should be kept as a valuable resource in the company. At the same time, the team must be introduced to the new process and completely retrained. Questions: How do you get your people to overcome the fear of necessary change and to accept the new working methods, seeing it as a positive challenge, highly motivated and engaged? Together with Christina Hackl, I brought this project to a very successful completion: of the 100 employees we lost only 5 %. Migration, including retraining, was successfully completed, as planned, within one year. I wish Christina Hackl a lot of success and ever new challenges in her job.

CEO of an Indian airline

Empathy and pragmatism. That is rare. In addition, decades in absolute top positions. As a woman! That is unique. This combination in one person is not easy to find. “You have to use this uniqueness of your profile and develop something out of this,” I kept telling Christina. I am glad that she took it to heart and made her vast experience accessible to others in a professional way. “Coaching from one executive to another,” it couldn’t get better than that. I’m just telling it like it is. Anything else would be an understatement.

Managing director and owner of a management consulting company

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