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Is this where I wanted to be?

What is my next step?

What is expected of me?

What will be different tomorrow?

Do I have to change or can I change?

Is a crisis my friend or my enemy?

Would I act differently next time?

Am I asking the right questions?



mit Christina Hackl

At some point you reach a position where answers no longer get you anywhere. Now you may ask questions again.

I listen, pose a question, act as a sparring partner, provide resonance, support, professionalise professionals, build teams of and women, train future coaches and open up new perspectives.

Let’s talk. If you’d like.



What gives me a boost to take off? Or: What is it that inspires me about airplanes ? I don’t know. It's probably the speed. Aviation is one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing sectors of global business. In 27 years, I headed for all destinations, from the key account manager to the managing director, thereby I went through all ups and downs. The altitude may change, but the main requirement stays the same: “Always make sure you have enough lift under the wings!”

  • Managing director, commercial director and sales director in international corporate companies for many years

  • Strategic and operative management experience in the service, transport, tourism, trade sector

  • Portfolio management, price and revenue management, e-commerce and business development expertise

  • Specialist in transformation processes, change management and corporate reorientation 

  • Successful business development applying innovative sales concepts in competitive markets

  • Professional process optimization and reorganization

  • Sustainable cost efficiency projects with a proven track record

What does PERSPECTO stand for?

Not only crises or failures slow us down. Even lasting successes can block our view. Time for a change of perspective. Leaving comfortable viewpoints and well known paths enables our ability to act and opens the door to change. PERSPECTO leads out of the box. It explores new perspectives, enriched by alternatives, gives new room to maneuver, the vision becomes a tangible option. That's the idea behind it. Hence our name. Hence our logo.


METRO Cash & Carry

COO – Commercial Director

Managing Director Operations & Sales


NIKI Luftfahrt 

Managing Director



Senior Vice President

Member of the Executive Board


Austrian Airlines

Vice President Global Sales & Distribution


SAS [Scandinavian Airlines]

Sales & Marketing Manager

  • certified PCM trainer [Process Communication Model by Taibi Kahler]​

  • Systemic Constellation Coach [Kickoff Consulting]​

  • Certified Business Coach [Kickoff Consulting]​

  • Leadership Training [Kienbaum und Fuhrmann Leadership]​

  • Intercultural Training [Kickoff Consulting]​

  • Negotiation Techniques, Sales Training, Conflict Resolution [Mercuri International]​

  • Project Management, Lean Management & Six Sigma [Lufthansa Training Center]



Your sparring partner at executive level


T: +43 664 516 51 83


Kunigundbergstrasse 15, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf


VAT ID: ATU74706507

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